Rent a Yacht or Boat in Mykonos

If you are looking for luxurious sailing, we offer a wide range to suit your needs.

Most groups try out the yacht experience, there you can travel to the blue crystal waters of Mykonos and Delos. Partying in the Sunset is what you crave for, then we are there for you.

A boat party is a great way to spend time with friends and family while enjoying Greece waterways and coastline.


Relaxing sailing holidays with a group of friends and family, there are islands to explore, active boating for lovers of water sports, or simply bathe in the Sun.

Mykonos Estates VIP Services will be able to charter any size of the yacht with a full crew.

With Mykonos year-round warm weather, there is always a festival or celebration on the Island. Weekends and holidays are made for parties.

The largest source of crewed yachts and boats for hire in Greece.

Designed for luxury entertainment, we offer everything you need to create a unique and memorable party.
It could be a dinner cruise, brunch, birthday party, Bar, anniversary, holiday party, corporate get-together or a special occasion, like a graduation, wedding or name celebration.

With the flexibility of several docking locations on the island, hosting a Mykonos estate yacht charter is like having your own private vessel.
You are the Captain and you choose the menu, entertainment, and décor, and Our planning staff will work with you to plan your occasion.

We are experts and can provide you an end to end solutions addressing every aspect related to small, medium or large yachts, party yachts, and wedding cruises.

Mykonos estates are the leading and largest source of crewed yachts and boats for hire available in Greece.
Whether large motor yacht charters, sailing catamarans or monohulled sailboats.

Mykonos estates take care of every bit, from onboard services to cultural tours, leisure activities, private events and a whole lot more.
You may come on board with us and explore for yourself what this wonderful experience the is called luxury yacht charter is all about.