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Set in a location featuring the vast, scenic view of steep hills stretched far across into infinity, the small lake reflecting the above coat of blue sky make a heavenly view as it is, in essence, complementing the title of this rental villa. The accommodation enjoys the touch of an ancient resemblance, standing in built of rough bricks and rocks instead of smooth polish and glimmer. Spread on a 130 meters square area, the house comprises of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, yet the plot size includes about 2200 meters square area, where the remaining land is occupied to facilitate with a huge parking lot that can contain 6 vehicles, as well as outdoor relaxing space and poolside.

Much contrary to the popular belief, the paradise-look is often more generous and natural than man- made artifice, something the construction of this villa took to mind. To complement the exterior image and scenery of aggressive natural beauty, the interior of the accommodation is just enough to entertain you with leisure and mild luxury, in effect, providing its guests with a taste of both décor.

2 bedrooms in the entrance level while another one in the upper level, are all generously offered and spaced. Large yet not overdoing it, the warm toned rooms of this villa appreciate sense of intimacy and comfort to extreme. Usage of black tuning now and then bring the needed posh to this villa, a hard brilliance to the otherwise pliant appearance. Sufficient windows are provided to allow the outdoor, scenic entry into the house. The additional features of this house include Jacuzzi, free Wifi, swimming pool, an indoor fireplace, barbeque area, comfy verandah, as well as private chef on request. Needless to say, the entire villa is effectively air-conditioned.

Property Features

Private Pool
Outdoor Sitting Area
Indoor Fireplace
Coffee machine
Infinity Pool
Sea View
Outdoor Dining Area

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