Luxury Jets

For your air travel, Mykonos Estates VIP Services is committed to providing an efficient, and safe service. Jets and helicopters are ready to take off. We use only Certified Pilots, we also provide multi-lingual flight crews upon request.

All flights are confidential, we value nothing more than your privacy.

Private charters will allow you to return to the glory days of flying.
Instead of being wedged next to someone on a small airplane seat with limited amounts of room, a charter jet allows passengers not only to relax in comfortable seats but by stretching your legs and enjoying a glass of champagne during the flight, followed by a delicious gourmet meal.

On our private jets, you the passenger have the comfort and satisfaction, air travel is once again enjoyable with us.

You also have the Aircraft for your traveling party, with complete privacy and a full crew dedicated to providing you with everything. Everyone wants to arrive at their destination happy and refreshed.

Travel on your own schedule and save countless hours.

It is almost impossible to place a price tag on making a jet trip enjoyable, particularly for frequent travelers, or those that hate waiting in line.

Trust us, here at Mykonos Estates, we know how to satisfy our customers.

The process of private jet rental is like that of making a flight reservation with a public carrier but with one huge difference, it is much easier to rent from Mykonos estates.

Unlike selecting commercial flight companies which do not come close to satisfying your needs, you can just choose every parameter of your travel and program it accordingly.

How Do You Charter A Private Jet?

The first step is to plan an itinerary which best fits your program.

Some of the considerations:

  1. The number of individuals flying with you.
  2. The type of aircraft to be used.
  3. The public or private airport closest to your destination.
  4. The exact dates you wish to fly.
  5. The time you wish to board your flight to the destination.
  6. The time you wish to board a flight home.