Luxury Cars & Chauffeurs

Mykonos Estates is more than happy to accommodate you with the ultimate in automobile luxury. Our Mykonos Estates Concierge Services will ensure that prestigious vehicles are at your disposal. And for those who prefer to be more discreet, our office can also provide you with other exclusive brands, such as Mercedes, Jeep and more. Whatever your mood may be, we have the car that best suits you. A private chauffeur service can be also provided if requested.

Travelling is really stressful sometimes as there are countless factors that you need to take care before organizing and going on a road trip.

For instance, you need to plan the trip, you need to make sure that your car is able to make the trip without any problem or if you are traveling to another city you need to have a car to be able to travel around town with ease.

If you are going for a rental, you need to consider the type of car, then the fuel, the car insurance and many more things. With some consideration, you can waive off all the worries and enjoy the trip.

Don’t stress you mind and body. Mykonos estates is next to you. We are an expert real estate agency and we are willing to find the best VIP luxury cars with chauffeurs or not for you.

Driving a luxury car is truly a unique opportunity for most people.

The cars of these companies are worth thousands of euros. The cars are extremely rare, and you just don’t see many of them on the road. Examples of luxury cars are Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bentleys.

Most people will never see one, no less drive one. For a small cost of renting them, you can feel like a millionaire. Maybe you are a millionaire already, but even if you are not, you can feel like for a few hours or days.

The car is fueled and checked, and you don’t even need to pay for any gas, even if you return it on our agency empty.

The companies know that these cars may be hard to drive, so they offer a chauffeur to assist you.

The car will truly put a smile on your face and a sense of pleasure the whole time you are driving it, or a chauffeur is driving it for you and your company.

You have to be sure that the cars have incredibly high performance.

You will explore the Mykonos island with a comfortable luxurious car only by calling us or contacting us right now!