Video: Mykonos – Ultimate fantasy

Mykonos, the heart of the Cyclades islands in the deep blue Aegean Sea, where tourists come in large numbers every year to enlighten themselves with the enchanting beauty of the world. Mykonos Estates, the estate agency that provides them with an experience wonderful enough to feel like a dream and reliable enough to live in their best memories forever. Mykonos…

10 days of island hopping in Mykonos Island

Do you seek for a destination that is a delight for both the body and the soul? There is no place better for this purpose than the Island of Mykonos. The sound of the ocean waves breaking on the shore can heal the anxieties to which the modern man is susceptible. For you, these waves can signify the messages of…

Video: Mykonos yacht on Fire!

A Mykonos Luxury yacht burst into fire. Dramatic footage taken by a local inhabitant shows dark smoke billowing from the burning vessel which caught fire at around 1.00pm on Thursday.

Top 5 Things to do in Mykonos

list of five incredible and diverse things to do in Mykonos.What kind of holiday are you ready for? Do you seek a thrilling adventure or a serene repose? Do you wish to enjoy the beauty of the present or marvel at the richness of the past? Everything you are looking for in a holiday can culminate in a trip to…

Why buying a villa in Mykonos?

Mykonos Island is a place that preserves the quaint beauty of the past while relishing the luxuries of the future. It is a place drenched in sunlight and vivid colors where you will find camaraderie and hospitality from the locals and fresh organic food from the markets. Where you will find yourself walking down the labyrinthine streets day after day…

Why you should rent a villa in Mykonos ?

Is it that time of year again? You have been working relentlessly for months on end and all you truly need is a solid vacation. But where should you go? Backpacking across Europe has its merits, but we have a more delicious proposition. Picture a rustic villa tucked into a hill, overlooking the sea, on the spectacular Greek island of…


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