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Find your dream property in Mykonos

Mykonos Estates is a Mykonos real estate company founded by MR. Konstantinos & Evangelos Palkogiannis. They specialize in seaside properties, luxury villas for Salet & Rent on the island of Mykonos.

Why choose Mykonos Estates

Mykonos Estates operate almost 20 years in the Real Estate industry in Mykonos, finding the best piece of real estate for every buyer. Only FSBO properties for you or real bargains, especially when you are searching for a villa in Mykonos to buy or to rent.

Mykonos Estates manages a big portfolio of houses for sale and rental properties and they come with new properties every month.

They collaborate with very reliable professionals such as architects, engineers, lawyers and notary publics to assist you in the transaction of the property.

What real estate services they offer

Our real estate agency is ideal for:

After sales real estate service

You may choose from a huge variety of vertical real estate related services. Unique after-sales service is at your disposal, starting with exactly after the time you proceed to

We can also provide properties management services, apart from the real estate services and VIP services. If you are thinking to refurbish or redesign your property you just bought, we can find for you the perfect solution.

Find investment properties in Mykonos

The accommodation and hospitality sector in Mykonos presents many opportunities. Whether you are a newcomer or you are a savvy property investor we can help you find the property you need which best suits your investment goals and your investment portfolio.

Our very detailed knowledge of the local real estate market and our expertise will prove very valuable in order to avoid the pitfalls and setbacks and buy your investment property without hidden costs or risks.

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